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I am Cheryl Hurst

I believe we are Better when we work Together. Our region needs strength in leadership. Our region desperately needs follow through.  I have been a life-long volunteer and where I see a need, I fill it.  In 2019 & 2020 I was voted the Community’s Best Volunteer in Federal Way and these are just a few of my engagements; Rotary, Mary’s Place, Multi Service Centers, Church camps and fundraisers. I am proud and humbled to have been endorsed by State Representative Jesse Johnson. 

I am  a business woman, a mother of 4, a mentor to 1 youth, wife to a patient man and I love my community.  I am deeply concerned our region is engaged in too much Party Politics. My skill is reaching across the aisle. My passions are children, senior citizens, our schools and our Business and Economic development. I helped build a small company of 2 into a business with 80+ employees operating in 12 states. To volunteer I began The March for Diapers 2014 when I saw the Domestic Abuse Women’s Network (DAWN) had almost none. This year we collected 155,008 Diapers & 38,060 Wipes with the help of 7 communities and 55+businesses. Do The Right Thing is my NPO I run with my husband and many volunteers. We are also hosts for 2 AirBnBs. We get to meet people from all over and we understand property rights and business.  

Running an NPO and volunteering takes an investment of time, hard work and a never give up attitude to succeed and for me this is second nature. 

My integrity, honesty and ability to work with anyone will lead this region into a more prosperous, clean, affordable and livable environment.  My biggest accomplishment, however, will be to make the 30th district proud they nominated me. 

I know we are BETTER TOGETHER.

Vote Cheryl Hurst for State Representative!

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